Before You Travel

Check- in time is two hours prior to departure for all destinations. You are responsible for checking that the departure time for your flight is consistent with that on your ticket.

Remember not to pack any sharp items in your hand baggage! Dive knives, tool kits and so forth should be packed in your hold baggage. Cameras are okay to have in your hand baggage, but be sure that it is easy to access in case you need to show it at security control.

There is still a limitation as to the amounts of liquid that you may take with you onboard the aircraft. You may have a maximum of 100ml of fluids (hair gels, drinks, hand creams, etc) per bottle. Please note that baby food and formula is permitted. Package all fluids in a see-through plastic bag in order to show security.

Please note that the rules for entering or transferring through the USA are constantly changing. Contact us for the most updated information, but please note that it is your responsibility to check the rules before your flight dates.

Check to see if the country that you are going to visit takes a high fee for credit card payments. It may just be worth getting a larger amount of cash out before you depart from your home country.

Take important telephone numbers with you such as your insurance, credit card emergency contact numbers, etc.

What do I need to think about regarding my passport, and do I need a visa?

Be sure to check your passport well in advance of your departure date. Be sure that it is valid for at least six months after your return date and that it is whole and has no ripped or missing pages. You also need to have at least two empty pages within. Please note that the rules vary from country to country as to how long a passport should be valid after the departure date. It is the responsibility of the traveller to double check what the requirements are with the corresponding embassy.

Visas are not normally needed for travel less then 30 days to most destinations, but it is solely the responsibility of each traveller to check with his/her foreign affairs department for the most updated information. Please contact us for more information.

Is there any information that I should leave at home?

Be sure to leave your flight times, insurance details and a copy of your passport, as well as the telephone number to the hotel, the group leader and to the office of Exposure Expeditions, with a family member or friend that will not be travelling with you.

What sort of vaccinations do I need?

Besides the basic vaccinations that the majority of us already have including tetanus, diphtheria and polio, there are vaccinations, medications and/ or other that may be needed depending on where the trip is departing to. Vaccinations should be started at a minimum of six weeks before the departure date, as some need more than one dose to fully cover you.

Please speak to your doctor about any requirement for vaccinations.

Do I need to take my own medicine with me or can I buy it when I arrive to the destination?

Be sure to get prescriptions filled in advance, as well as stock up on anything that you might need that could be hard to come by at the destination. You will not have access to a chemist at sea.